Target-DDI, International Human Resources Consulting Company

Founded in 1998 by the leading businesswoman Ángela Ossa Mora and today with presence in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Perú and Uruguay.

In 1995, Target becomes associated with DDI, a leading company in the USA in people development, with more than a 1000 specialists, venues in 27 countries and programs translated to 17 languages.

Today Target counts on more than 100 professionals, all of them with a vast experience in the human resources consulting field.

With a client base of more than a thousand important companies and organizations, ranging from the whole spectrum of the industrial field to the public sector and corporative world.

Target-DDI is affiliated to the Amcham and the Sofofa, organizations of high prestige and representativeness in Chile.

Along with this, Target-DDI is a company certified ISO 9001-2008 and certified as B Corporation. It has founded and supported the Corporación Enlace, an organization dedicated to the social rehabilitation of people deprived from their liberty. More than 14,500 reintegrated people in 24 years of existence.